Poster Program

Below you can find when you are able to meet the authors of the posters that are on display during ISME16. The presenters will be standing next to their poster to answer questions, or to clarify their research on the days indicated below, depending on the session they submitted their abstract in.
The poster sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will take place from 3.30pm - 5.30pm.
Please note that every poster will be on display for two days, either on Monday and Tuesday, or on Thursday and Friday.

Monday 22 August

PS01  Evolution
PS02 Extreme environments
PS03 Nitrogen assimilation
PS04 Freshwater microbial ecology: crossing the border from sediment to the pelagic zone
PS05 Pathogen interactions
PS06 Genomics and ecophysiology of single microbial cells
PS07 Communication and networks in biofilm communities
PS24 Oceans of discovery, seas of change
PS29 Plant-microbe interactions


Tuesday 23 August

PS08  Cutting-edge methods in microbial ecology
PS09 Mechanistic understanding of the human and mammalian microbiome
PS10 Microbial eukaryotes
PS11 Microbial cycling of one carbon compounds
PS12 Cultivating elusive microbes
PS13 Archaea: ecophysiology and evolution
PS14 Symbiotic associations: evolutionary mergers and acquisitions
PS15 Soil microbial ecology
PS25 Metal cycling
PS26 Polar microbial ecology
PS28 Sulfur links in Earth's microbiomes


Thursday 25 August

PS16 Ecological theory
PS18 Petroleum microbiology
PS19 Bioremediation: working with natural microbial communities to improve water and soil quality
PS20 Dissimilation of nitrogen compounds
PS21 Human microbiome: exploration and manipulation
PS22 Microbial ecology meets environmental biotechnology
PS23 Applying -omics approaches to understand microbial functioning
PS27 M"ISME"rizing viruses: diversity and interactions


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