PhD student Unleashing the hidden potential of Anaerobic Fungi

This research project brings together research teams from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Fundamental know-how on the distribution, diversity, nutrient requirements, symbionts, and the biotechnological potential of Anaerobic Fungi shall be explored.

For more information please refer to: (German) and
listing/item/367-hipoaf (English)

• MSc in Microbiology or similar areas
• Experience in classical microbiology (e.g. cultivation, preferred with anaerobic
microorganisms, anaerobic digestion) and with molecular techniques in microbiology (DNA, RNA, NGS, FISH)
• Desired: Lab experience with anaerobic fungi (Neocallimastigomycota); good written and spoken English and  readiness for mobility, as part of the training will take place at the research facilities of our project partners in Germany and Switzerland.

Plase send your application to Dr. Sabine Podmirseg (

Application deadline:
Start date: Open until filled
Location: University of Innsbruck, Department of Microbiology, Innsbruck, Austria