Corporate Membership

ISME is a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting Microbial Ecology (and related topics) and to support education and conferences.

Why become a Corporate Member?

ISME and its International Symposia have become key focal points for disseminating information on Microbial Ecology and for facilitating interactions between researchers in Microbial Ecology and related topics. As a consequence of the rapid advances in Microbial Ecology and the importance of applying this information to approach a range of environmental problems, ISME increasingly interacts with governmental and other institutions to coordinate relevant international and regional activities. Moreover, ISME seeks to facilitate the introduction of applications derived from the many developments made in contemporary Microbial Ecology and wishes to further the interaction between researchers in Microbial Ecology and Environmental Microbiology with industries engaged in enhancing our understanding of the environment and seeking solutions to environmental problems.

Benefits for Corporate Members

As an ISME corporate member, you will help us to achieve our aim to foster interactions between researchers and industry as well as governmental and public organisations, and to foster the participation of young scientists and students in such activities, both nationally and internationally.

As an ISME corporate member, you will benefit from the following services:

  • Logo, banner and link at the ISME (symposia) website(s) under "Sponsors"
  • Two free ads per year in the official ISME Journal, published by the Nature Publishing Group 
  • Access to the ISME Membership directory and the online Journal
  • 1 monthly hardcopy issue of The ISME Journal
  • "Window" on the ISME Web with your own information (content to be approved by the Board)
  • Reduced booth price at ISME Symposia (the next Symposium will be held in August 2014, please refer to
  • Priority in booth location and choice of Sponsoring at the Symposia
  • Two free entrances to the biennial ISME Symposia.
  • Instrumentality of knowledge and contacts from the field upon request: "Ask the Expert".
  • Support in organizing Workshops and meetings and forming connections with distinguished experts from the fields upon request

Annual Fee

Yearly* fee is EUR  7,500 (EUR 4,500 for non profit organizations) and the fees will be used for the ISME Relief fund and support for Low Income Countries. The aim of the Fund is to support scientists with annual ISME membership fees and/or travel expenses to ISME Symposia or in the form of Travel Grants.

2 or 4 year memberships are possible as well (we offer 5% discount for 2 years or 10% discount for 4 years). The amount must be paid in full at once.

*ISME works in calendar years; memberships are from January to December.

Please send an email to for furter information and application.