We would like to hear from you!
Who would you nominate for these prestigious awards? The Award Committee would like to know from you who deserves to be nominated for an ISME Award. ISME members may propose their preferred candidates for the various awards. 
A Proposer and a Seconder (who must be ISME members) nominate their candidate and supply a paragraph stating why the Nominee is worthy of the prize. You may only nominate one candidate for each award, and second only two candidates for each award. 
Nominating your candidate was possible until 4 September 2023. 

The Awards

The Jim Tiedje Award recognizes outstanding lifetime contributions to microbial ecology. Nominees are still active in the field and have been for at least 30 years.

The Mid-Career Award recognizes scientists who have substantially advanced the field of microbial ecology. The award recognises outstanding contributions to microbial ecology including the development of novel techniques, proposing and advancing ecology theories and establishing new disciplines within the field. Nominees must be active researchers 10-25 years post PhD.

The Alma Dal Co Award recognizes early career microbial ecologists who have made significant contributions to this field. Nominees are no more than 10 years post PhD.