The Tom Brock Awards acknowledge the accomplishments and promise of outstanding postdoctoral research associates on the basis of the presentations that they make at the ISME Symposium.  The criteria will include scientific accomplishments and innovation as well as clarity of presentation at the ISME symposia.  Initial selection criteria will be on the basis of submitted abstracts that will be chosen for oral presentations by the organizers.  Final evaluation will be made at the meeting, by evaluating the oral presentations of the candidates. Previous winners:

ulrike Switzerland

Ulrike Pfreundt
ETH Zurich
emilia Germany

Emilia Sogin
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
sl Netherlands

Sebastian Lücker
Radboud University
kl United States

Kenneth J. Locey
Indiana University
jbr Australia

Jean-Baptiste Raina
jw United States

Jillian Waters
Cornell University
yty United States

Yutaka Yawata
ms Switzerland

Michaela Salcher
University of Zurich