James Elser and Matthew Church are looking to hire two postdocs to work on a newly funded NSF Rules of Life project entitled “The rules of life were made to be broken - Connecting physiology, evolutionary ecology, and mathematics to identify a Growth Rate Rule”.  The team will perform chemostat studies of the genomic, physiological, ecological, and evolutionary responses of Pseudomonas and Chlamydomonas to resource limitation in chemostat cultures. The overall goal is establish the conditions under which a close coupling of growth rate, RNA allocation, and C:N:P stoichiometry occurs or does not occur and to examine the ecological consequences of that coupling / decoupling. The research will be done in collaboration with similar studies of Daphnia (at Oklahoma State University) and with mathematical modelers (at Arizona State University).  The postdoctoral scholars are expected to publish these findings in high quality journals and work collaboratively with FLBS scientific staff and collaborators at other institutions. Please see http://bit.ly/2386umjobs for details and application. 

Application deadline:
Location: Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana